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Santiago, Dominican Republic

Residence: Bronx, New York 

Age: 22 



Telecommunications Engineer

My Best Feature:

My Hair (maybe...never thought about it).         

My Worst Feature: Perhaps the fact that I speak my mind. (Does that mean I am opinionated? Not really...) It may annoy certain people, yet it is by being true to thy own self that one can achieve inner happiness. 

Person I Admire: My mother   


Person Who Influence(d) Me Most:  My mother

In What Way?: She has taught me that sacrifices are those things you do and undergo when you truly love something. She has done a lot for me as a son and as a person and there's not a day when I don't learn something from her. She is smart and the most unselfish person I know. She is as grounded as the oldest tree on Earth, and I aspire to be more like her everyday. 

Olivier !


LE VISAGE de mars 2013
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