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Mayakoba, Mexico

Home to a collection of luxury world-class resorts, Mayakoba Residences is a celebration of luxury embracing nature, each residential property offering an individual vision for guests to experience.


Tuscany, Italy

Former home to the powerful Machiavelli family and famed author of The Prince, Villa Mangiacane is a hidden gem nestled in the Chianti hills overlooking Florence.


Santa Barbara, California

Our first look inside the vineyard began with what we believed to be the family’s home, used for entertaining and tastings. As we toured around inside the home, seeing the bedrooms and living space, Tom suddenly hit one small button and a door opened to reveal the actual wine caves, something quite similar to what I believe the fictitious Batcave looks like, if Batman was a secret winemaker...


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A sparkling rose fragrance inspired by Marcel Duchamp's alter ego Rrose Sélavy (a pun of Eros, C’est la Vie), this travel spray format is easy to tote around and refillable to boot.  The scent is fresh, invigorating and modern, and designed to capture the youthful essence of Duchamp's lively and fabulous Rrose.




A stylish packing case constructed from a special, multi-layer polycarbonate alloy formulation, V3 is supremely durable, remarkably light and ready for the journey ahead. This extra-large expandable case is ideal for extended business and leisure trips, or for two traveling together. The four-wheel system ensures effortless maneuverability in every direction. 

BUBM Electronics Organizer

$ 16.49

Keep your chargers, SD cards, cables, and other small electronics safe and organized in this handy case that fits easily in your laptop case or carry-on. Mesh zippered pockets and elastic straps hold everything in place, and the waterproof exterior offers additional protection.

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